Valor Security & Investigations, Inc. provides secure and discreet transportation services to clients with the need to arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Travel confidently, comfortably, and safely in discreet SUV's equipped with top security escorts provided by Valor Security.

We are an integrated security and transportation service for executives, dignitaries, public figures, celebrities and other high-profile business and pleasure passengers. Every assignment we accept is accompanied by sophisticated planning, journey management services and monitoring to ensure that you travel in the utmost safety and comfort. We provide the highest standards of mobile security and customer service both locally, and over long distances, at any time of the day or night. Our expertly-trained and qualified team of security officer’ drivers hold defensive and evasive driving qualifications to bring you the ultimate in chauffeured security transportation. Depending on the level of security required, protective escorts may be armed or unarmed and of our transportation security escorts are trained in advanced driving.

Our service is discreet, respectful and based on proven military and law enforcement methods. This allows us to maintain the delicate balance necessary for both low-profile service and risk mitigation. Our client list includes numerous government agencies, private sector enterprises, multi-national businesses, diplomats and embassies, corporate clients, high net-worth individuals, and VIPs of all descriptions.

We also provide transportation and secure delivery service for precious stones, accompanied by either armed or unarmed, drivers and escorts. Whether your concerns are the physical safety of individuals, or the secure transport of valuable goods, Valor Security & Investigations, Inc., has the personnel, vehicles and know-how to bring you the safety and security you require.

In addition to secure ground transportation, Valor Security & Investigations, Inc can also provide secure air transportation for high profile people, precious stones, documents or any other situation that calls for this high end private jet security service. We can provide everything you need for a secure trip to and from almost anywhere in the free world. Reserving the jet, escorting the passengers and any other security accommodations can be arranged and coordinated specifically to your scheduling. Contact Valor Security & Investigations, Inc., for more information regarding jet transportation and security services.