Concierge & Doorman Services

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Doorman, lobby and front gate attendants:

Valor Consulting clients using our doorman, lobby and front gate attendant services add the affordable luxury of first-class service and enhanced security to their condominiums, co-ops, rentals and gated communities with our polished professional attendants. They are the first point of contact for all who enter the premises, providing welcome and convenience for residents and guests while maintaining a secure environment. Our attendants are alert, attentive and personable, with an understanding of the art of guest relations and know how to screen visitors, workers and messengers. Prompt attention to mail, packages and all communications is their business. The Valor Consulting pledge of excellence says it all: "You will feel like an honored guest in your own building."

Concierge Services:

Luxury condominiums, co-ops and upscale rental properties often offer their tenants the benefits of an in-house concierge. Valor Consulting provides European-style concierge services to buildings throughout New York, Long Island and other parts of New York State beyond to make their tenants' lives that much easier. Reservations? Theatre or film tickets? Limo rental? They are all a phone call away with Valor Consulting's polite and accommodating concierge personnel.