Closed Circuit Television

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An invaluable asset in the world of security is the ability to use CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) to conduct surveillance. Using a CCTV system, individuals, companies and organizations can instantly reduce or even cease the loss they experience due to theft. Retailers rely on CCTV to monitor their shops, stores, employees and shoppers. The effect is an incredible and dramatic reduction as a direct result of the innovative loss prevention method that CCTV provides.


An advanced access control system supplies individuals, companies and organizations with a powerful and inexpensive security service method for daily access management. Our access control systems give our clients a superlative security device that minimizes theft, employee fraud, vandalism and many other issues that may arise when a gap in security measures exists. Access control systems reduce the need for on-site patrols and the expense of hiring patrol companies. The number of guards’ necessary for proper security implementation can be effectively reduced through the use of an access control system. Our access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with other Valor Consulting security service solutions to allow you to control multiple locations from one building (central monitoring), while managing many card readers and many cardholders.


Regardless of the technological innovations it utilizes, a CCTV system is only as good as the ability to monitor it and respond. Valor Consulting offers our clients the option of optimizing the function and cost-effectiveness of their CCTV and related systems by having the feed from your cameras tracked 24/7 by trained professionals in our central monitoring program. If anything suspicious or unusual occurs, we'll immediately alert our management and on-site security as well as the proper authorities (police or fire), ensuring the quick response which will protect your people and property.